I'm Melody. I make stuff. Hi.



Is a blog about getting creative in all areas of life. After casually blogging about DIY's, simple recipes, dabbling in fashion, writing about life and faith and everything in between, I realized that I'm passionate about designing a life I love. I'm a creator by trade and it spills into all corners of my world. Here you'll find all the stuff I've made on my journey so far - food, words, decor, messes...

I believe making things beautiful is important because I believe God instills in us a yearning for beauty and perfection. He first created us and is constantly working to shape and mold us if we are willing clay. Reflecting his beauty and his redemptive nature is a worthy pursuit to me.

It is my hope that my findings inspire you to make your own beautiful life!  


Is a 20-something in a big city, trying to make a difference in the world through design. She loves to find beauty in all things and still won't admit that her favorite color is pink. She prefers photos of the back of her head, because she's a little shy and can pass it off as "artsy". The best day of her life was August 27, 2016 when she married her best friend. It's nice to have someone who supports the late night crafting and crazy messes on the dining room table. Together, Melody and Ryan love to travel the world and get inspired by the places they see and the people they meet. They make big plans and spend a lot of time dreaming.

By day Melody works at a big agency making cool stuff. You can find her portfolio here.