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For Love & Adventure Bridal Shower Invites

For Love & Adventure Bridal Shower Invites


So happy to finally write about these modern boho shower invites I created for a sweet friend who is getting married next month! She's outdoorsy, loves hiking, camping, and being barefoot. She has crazy long hair and a free spirit, so her maid of honor and I knew we needed to dream up an appropriate theme for her shower. It gave me an excuse to purchase a fresh watercolor set and vellum envelopes, so I was all in when we landed on an idea of throwing a "glamping" shower. In a later post, I'll share the final setup - we served food in an outdoor picnic style, complete with endless throws and velvet pillows, blackberry brie grilled cheese and fall sangria (so you won't want to miss it!)

It's been said before, but invitations always set the tone for an event so I'm the first to recommend putting a lot of love and attention into them. I want to get people excited to come, and even better, excited to rsvp on time (lol)! It's also important to give guests an idea of what to expect so they can dress and prepare accordingly. We added special touches to allude to our theme - you've probably seen "let's toast the bride" invites, but what about with drinks AND s'mores? The delicate florals kept us away from feeling too campy, but we sprinkled in a healthy dash of adventure.


I also love sneaking in references to the wedding day or something unique about the bride. The dusty blue that shows up in some of the florals is one of the main wedding colors! Gotta stay on brand, you know. 


Now let's talk about the envelopes! I've been WAITING to have a project that just needs some vellum. For whatever reason I just think it is so cool. The only trouble is that with transparency, you basically have no privacy with the info on whatever goes inside. So, to cover up the address and phone number, I wrapped each with an opaque label which actually added to the overall aesthetic IMO. I had intended to print these since I felt a typeface would look nicer than hand lettering in this instance, I ran out of time and so actually had to hand cut and glue on each piece of paper. 


In closing, I'll just add that I always take a minute to search what stamps are available and try to pick a non-cheesy one. I lucked out on these floral ones, they looked amazing with the theme!

Hope you enjoyed - let me know what you think!

xo, M

Cozy Date Night: City Picnic Style

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Sunset Daze

Sunset Daze