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J Wedding: Paper

J Wedding: Paper

It happened. After almost five years of waiting, dreaming, praying... we got married!! On August 27, 2016 we promised each other forever. Just yesterday Ryan and I were sitting on the couch in our little apartment, saying how it feels so right. I'm so excited for a lifetime of adventures with my best friend. 

I'm dying to share all the details, but I have to break it up into segments so you don't go cross-eyed. I figured the paper elements from the day would be a good way to start, since the invites are typically the first thing the guests get to see!


I've been set on the color purple for my wedding for a very long time. Everything else changed over the years (I used to want sunflowers, etc) but my favorite color is still the same. I knew I had to choose my palette carefully. I wanted it to be tasteful, whimsical, and reflective of the late summer garden venue. I settled on not one, but seven various shades that together made up the palette of my dreams! The dominant theme was a beautiful gray lavender. When working with so many colors it's important to maintain a sense of balance. All the colors cannot be used in equal amounts - there has to be a primary palette, complimented by accents used sparingly. Dark charcoal worked as my main text/calligraphy color, while rose gold was used for embellishments. Lilacs and dusty rose shades worked into the fabrics and different pieces of paper in the suite, to make a sort of gradient effect. 

One of my favorite parts of the invitation suite was the vellum I put over the main invite card. I ordered sheets of pre-cut vellum in the right size, which saved a ton of time and was super cost effective. I found tiny rose gold brads and discovered that if I poked a hole through both pieces of paper with a push pin, it was just the right size for the brad to fit! All 200 invites took me no more than a few hours to assemble. Instead of printing in rose gold foil, which is vastly expensive, I designed and custom ordered this stamp. It's my handwriting, and so special since I can continue to use the stamp for a long time. I got this amazing rose gold ink pad at Paper Source. It lasted for all my wedding stamping needs and is so shiny - much like the effect of foil!


Another favorite element was our monogram. It was one of the very first things I designed when we got engaged, way back in November last year! Usually I don't love the first idea that pops into my head, but this mark ended up shaping the rest of the overall look of the event. The hard lines and geometric shapes really helped balance out all the softness of the pastel colors and made it feel romantic but also modern.

About six months in, I realized the palette was too pastel for my tastes so I introduced a deep berry color that ended up being the perfect amount of contrast. I incorporated it into my bridesmaid dresses as well and the results were stunning! Instead of a guest book, we opted for little love notes that guests could write on and put in a beautiful gold box from BHLDN (that now lives on our coffee table). The plan is to read these slowly whenever we want to soak up more love from our friends and family.

These boards. Oh my gosh, what a pain. I had this crazy idea to make a giant, black, statement wall of a board for the seating arrangements. My mom talked me out of this when we realized we had no way to transport such a thing. So instead, I bought a medium size board (I want to say, 4x4'?) and then realized two nights before the wedding that I didn't have enough space for all the cards I spent hours calligraphing. So back to home depot we went (I was wearing heels after dinner, pushing the dolley) and I spent until midnight painting the darn thing. At least they came out pretty?

Here's a pro tip for any future brides - make sure you have something to hold your menus down!! I can't tell you how many outdoor weddings I've been to where the menus are flying all over the lawn. I found these vase fillers at target that looked like crystals and they were the perfect amount of weight to keep the menus in place.

Since we didn't have a crazy menu with apps or anything, I used the menu to announce dessert (which I find guests often miss because they are busy dancing) and let them know that they could take a succulent from the table as a favor (these were a HUGE hit!) Turning the menu design 45 degrees helped tie in the geometric elements and looked cool on the plates.

Last but not least, these beer labels were a super fun addition to the evening. We got a friend of a friend to brew a delicious saison for us. One of our groomsmen came up with the pun, and the labels were born! The hop ring was my idea - I don't even drink beer, so I was really proud of myself.

I can't wait to share more pretty details with you all! Next up are the florals and all the plants I incorporated into our garden soiree, so stay tuned. Comment with questions, friends!

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