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The August Edit

The August Edit

Lately I've been thinking a lot about comparison. It is so easy to share our possessions on social media these days and I don't want to add to the noise. Especially when it is equally as easy to see someone else with stuff you don't have and feel like you must have that too. My goal, as always, is to share things that I love that I found useful, beautiful, and helpful, in case you want to know where they came from or need ideas for a gift for someone else. Remember that you are enough, with or without. I am learning this, too.

Nothing but my absolute favorites from this summer. (not sponsored).




Summer Water Rosé

We love serving rosé during the summer to our friends and house guests. As an aside, R and I have talked a lot lately about wanting to be really hospitable people, the kind who go the extra mile and serve others well. We don't drink much on our own, but we do try to keep a few different wines on hand for when we last minute invite someone over. I had been eyeing this particular rosé for the label design, but they only stock it in southern california stores. So, when we spent a month in Santa Monica, I decided to stock up on a few bottles to carry us through the rest of the summer. It is SO delicious (not too sweet, the perfect amount of crispness)! Whenever we break one out it feels really special and we love sharing it with friends. It hits that perfect middle ground of cost, too - not cheap and gross, not crazy expensive.

Find it in Whole Foods in Socal.


Herbivore Botanicals Soap

My skin is super sensitive. After a minor freak out about the only face wash I use that doesn't make me break out ( it turns out it has chemicals I don't want to put on my body) I decided to try these soaps from Herbivore Botanicals. Not only do I love the beautiful, simple design - everything in their products is actually (really) natural. While most of their products are expensive, the soaps are only $12 and in my opinion, SO worth it. They last a long time, are effective, smell amazing, and I feel great about every single ingredient...like activated charcoal, which has been used for centuries to detoxify the skin. Don't spend $$$ on skincare that probably isn't good for you anyways...I did for a long time, and this cheap simple soap is getting me better results than any fancy product I was using before. 


Wildflower Bath Salts

Taking a bath is my nightly escape - my healthy, restful time to unwind after a long day. It's one of the few ways I treat myself (good coffee is the other). I have a few rotating soaks and scrubs that help aid in relaxation and promote deep sleep. My go-to usually involves lavender, but lately I've been loving the scent of rose, so when I saw this soak I couldn't resist. It smells so good and has only a handful of ingredients. Not 100% natural, but beautiful and pretty darn clean overall. 



Milk and Honey

"bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom"

surprisingly darker than I expected, but achingly beautiful.



White Wrap Skirt

Easily my favorite piece this summer. I wear it almost every weekend. I love the tiny details and I think the wrap trend of late is so cute!


Celestial Choker

This darling and dainty necklace is around my neck almost every day. For such a low price, it actually isn't terrible quality! It has personal meaning and I love how it easily goes with every outfit. It was a nice little treat this month.



Taupe Acrylic Paint

My latest favorite color, next to the Terracotta craze that's going on. This brand is really nice quality, I picked some up on a whim at the art store and it's been hard not to paint everything I own with it. I've been wanting to DIY a little box like this for some time now - it's really gross, but I wear night guards to keep from grinding my teeth and I hate the plastic containers they come in. I picked up this box that was originally intended as a salt well, so I knew it must be made in such a way that was food safe (aka, I can put something in it that eventually goes in my mouth). Obviously I only painted the outside, but it looks so good against my black nightstand. And yes - I do clean them before I put them in there - germs = nastyy. You could also put, ya know, jewelry or normal things in it too.


Artifact Uprising Travel Journal

I've started a collection of these mini books from my adventures! I made a New Zealand one at the end of last year and loved it so much I'm doing them for every trip from now on. The size is great because I only use my iphone for photos, so the quality turns out great (any larger and it would be pretty pixelated - a designer's worst nightmare). I put these little guys out in our living room for people to grab and flip through! I kind of want to find a reason to do the 8 x 8 size soon.



Tiny Cactus

Last but not least, I wanted to share my new friend (I named him Bernard). I had seen photos of this kind of cactus but had no idea what it was called or where to get it. I thought they kind of looked like bunny ears so I googled "bunny ear cactus" and lo and behold, that IS the common name for these guys! I was able to pick one up at a local nursery. So far, he seems to be thriving! I took him to Santa Monica and he loved all the sunshine. I'm a little nervous about when winter hits, but hopefully he can make it! 


T & N Wedding Flag

T & N Wedding Flag

Terracotta Mood

Terracotta Mood