Hand Painted Wedding Welcome Sign

Hand Painted Wedding Welcome Sign


Another custom wedding day piece is in the books! This bright welcome sign might be the most color I’ve ever used, but the hot pink looked amazing brightening up a foggy San Francisco day as some of my best friends tied the knot. It’s so therapeutic working on big pieces like this. Coming home from work and getting to paint section by section…a glass of wine in hand…just magic.

I wanted to share my process in case anyone else is looking to create a big piece like this. I used to think people could freehand this stuff and I was so sad (I mean, I think some people actually can but I’m not one of them). Then I realized you can use a projector and literally trace anything you want, and a world of possibilities opened up!

I bought a small projector to make my own wedding flags back in 2016, and it’s come in handy so many times since then - like the flag I made for Tim and Nacira. It’s also made for some fun large screen video game nights, but that’s beside the point.

I laid out what I wanted in illustrator, threw it on a flash drive, and projected it to the right size on the board.


I was so excited we could do this unique shape with the rounded top, since the bride’s dad has woodworking tools and could make it for us. He even primed it for me which was so sweet. The shape sort of reminds me of a door, which seemed like the perfect way to greet guests as they entered the wedding.

The bride picked out a brilliant shade of pink for the backdrop that would compliment the reds, oranges, and fuchsias of her decor. We initially planned to do white lettering, but after playing around with various designs, we realized a dark red would be much prettier!

What I learned as I got into painting is that red paint (which I haven’t worked with much) dries totally differently than what it looks like in the bottle. I went through three different shades before I realized I needed to go way lighter than what I thought I wanted. My friend who paints murals told me after I was all done that it’s best to do several coats of a gray base underneath the red (oops.) You live and learn. Next time!


I really like the idea of using the welcome sign as a schedule. It saves the time and money of printed programs, and reminds guests who forgot to look at your website or invitations of the day’s events. Hopefully it got people for all the celebrations about to happen!

I failed to snap photos of the sign at the wedding because I was too busy learning how to Persian dance with the bride’s family, but hopefully the photographer comes through for me :)

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever made a big piece like this for a wedding!

x, M

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